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Word forms


Choose the best word from each drop-down box.


Activity 1


Identify the correct word forms. Choose the correct noun, verb or adjective within the [brackets].

Word 1
  • Noun: [contribution, contributed, contributes]

  • Verb: [contribution, contribute, contributor]

  • Adjective: contributing

  • Noun: [contribution]

  • Verb: [contribute]

  • Adjective: contributing

Word 2
  • Noun: occupation

  • Verb: [occupy, occupier, occupant]

  • Adjective: [occupies, occupational, occupancy]

  • Noun: occupation

  • Verb: [occupy]

  • Adjective: [occupational]

Word 3
  • Noun: [correspondence, corresponded, correspondingly]

  • Verb: correspond

  • Adjective: [correspondence, conrrespondingly, corresponding]

  • Noun: [correspondence]

  • Verb: correspond

  • Adjective: [corresponding]

Word 4
  • Noun: [interactively, interaction, interacts]

  • Verb: interact

  • Adjective: [interactive, interactions, interact]

  • Noun: [interaction]

  • Verb: interact

  • Adjective: [interactive]

Word 5
  • Noun: dominance

  • Verb: [dominate, dominant, domination]

  • Adjective: [domination, dominates, dominant]

  • Noun: dominance

  • Verb: [dominate]

  • Adjective: [dominant]

Word 6
  • Noun: emphasis

  • Verb: [empathetically, emphasise, empathetic]

  • Adjective: [empathetically, emphasise, emphatic]

  • Noun: emphasis

  • Verb: [emphasise]

  • Adjective: [emphatic]

Activity 2

1. I'll start with some general [commentatires, comments, commentators] about the recent history of the industry and the factors that have led to the current decline.”

Answer: comments

2. The success of this project can be [attribution, attributes, attributed] to the support of several key organisations.

Answer: attributed

3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the regulations [imposed, imposing, imposition] by the government on companies in this sector.

Answer: imposed

4. Once the repair has been carried out, further testing [undertake, undertaken, undertaking] is to ensure that the issue has been resolved.

Answer: undertaken

5. Dr Nguyen [published, publishing, publisher] has widely in leading journals and has received over fifteen research grants.

Answer: published