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What is referencing?

This short video introduces why you must use references and the different ways to use referencing in your writing either through direct quotes or paraphrasing and using a reference list.

Basics of referencing

This video gives an overview of why, where and when we reference with a few examples of what a reference citation looks like using the APA style. While this video is very helpful, please remember that RMIT Vietnam uses the Harvard style of referencing, not the APA style.

Online Tutorial

Integrating references

This tutorial explains the correct ways to integrate references into your writing to avoid plagiarism and get better marks. It focuses on the Harvard style of referencing.

Harvard referencing

This tutorial explains how to integrate references into your writing using the Harvard style of referencing. It uses lots of sample models to demonstrate how to reference correctly.

Study tips

Paraphrasing (PDF 81.1KB)

Synthesising (PDF 159KB)

Avoiding plagiarism (PDF 79.7KB)

RMIT Vietnam Harvard Referencing Guide