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Planning process

The first part in the planning process is to use a mind map to organise information. The second part of the planning process is to develop a linear plan from the mind map.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Brainstorming involves having a topic and writing down everything related to it.

Step 2: Organise information into categories

Step 3: Create mind map

Create mind map by grouping ideas together and defining relationships

Now turn the mind map into a detailed linear plan that includes references.


A team in an organisation is ineffective without a leader. Discuss.

Para 1: Introduction:

  • Introduce the topic and context.
  • State argument: This paper argues that to state that teams in organisations need leaders is too simplistic: there are leadership variables that need to be taken into account and there are other elements that are more important than a leader.

Para 2: Define team:

  • K & H definition
  • M & D definition
  • Types of teams:
    • temporary
    • permanent.

Para 3: Importance of teams:

  • Steadman's argument
  • many resources go into teams
  • team effectiveness.

Para 4: Importance of leadership:

  • affects productivity
  • helps develops individuals.

Para 5: Types of leaders - three types:

  • authoritarian
  • participatory
  • laissez-faire (easy going).