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Language & academic skills


These resources provide teaching strategies to develop the language skills your students require to actively engage with your course.

They include a number of strategies and activities which can be used with both large and small groups to enhance their learning experience.

Tip sheets

Language development through student interaction (PDF 52.4KB)

Students develop language skills through active engagement in discussion of the material being presented, problem solving, or prediction of outcomes. In this way they are not only being introduced to the language of a theme or topic but are also using discipline specific language to clarify their thinking and utilise their growing knowledge. This resource offers a number of suggestions of how to achieve this regardless of the size of the group you are instructing

Integrating language-focused activities in class (PDF  52.8KB)

This resource suggests a number of ways to ensure that students actively participate in their learning. It offers a number of suggestions of how to enhance the learning of concepts, reasoning and communication that is discipline specific regardless of the size of the group being instructed.

Checking understanding: engage, review, refresh (PDF 191KB)

This resource suggests a variety of ways to encourage students to recall, brainstorm, predict or clarify. It aims to develop language through increased student engagement.

English Language Growth Project