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Understanding group work


How to work together to get results

A group assignment is one where:

  • the assignment is assessed
  • the whole team is responsible for the outcome
  • the work is shared.

Benefits of groupwork

Group work gives you the opportunity to:

Explanatory cycle diagram of groupwork opportunities. See text below for further details

Groupwork gives you the opportunity to: [1] develop skills for your professional life (great for your resume), [2] learn more effectively and retain knowledge longer by talking through ideas with others, and [3] participate in a complex project.

In group work you're faced with multiple challenges. These challenges give you the chance to:

  • develop leadership skills
  • gain experience in negotiation
  • learn how to resolve conflicts
  • negotiate for a win/win outcome
  • express your opinion
  • practise professional communication
  • have fun
  • establish peer relationships
  • share and deepen your knowledge of the subject area.