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Students at risk checklist


The checklist can be used as a prompt to identify issues students may have that become apparent through assessment. The resources for students and the teaching tips will be updated and added to over time.

Who may be at risk?

Any student may be at risk of non-engagement in their studies. The most common reasons are:

  • The student has English as an additional language. Even with a relatively high IELTS score, a student may initially struggle with understanding a different accent, new terminology, a different way of teaching.
  • The student comes from a low socio-economic background. This can have an impact on current working hours and/or resources to support them while they study.
  • There are challenging life factors which can get in the way of study, including work, transport, family and/or social commitments, disability etc.
  • The student is unaccustomed to the rigours of academic study. There is inadequate planning for managing the workload of the course.
  • The student is disconnected from university life, including outside class time. This may be caused by personal/emotional or social factors from any of the above factors.


Respond to each question by clicking 'yes' or 'no'. If a problem is indicated, possible reasons are given along with links to student learning resources and tips for teachers. You can also print the completed checklist.