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Strategy 2


Teach the students the genre and structure

Teach students the essential features and required structure of the assessment type.

Different genres and structure depending on the type of assessment type: essay, report, or reflection

Show how each part is structured

Three parts of an essay. See link below for long description

An essay has a beginning (introduction) that:

  • introduces topic/context
  • states argument
  • outlines main points

It has a middle (body) that:

  • has a series of paragraphs that develop the argument
  • contains one main idea in the topic sentence
  • each topic sentence links directly to the argument

It has an end (conclusion) that:

  • restates argument
  • sums up
  • relates to broader context

Use models to show rather than tell

Sample paragraph highlighting topic and context, argument, and what will be covered

[topic and context]Self-confidence means possessing a positive yet realistic view of one’s self and abilities. Self-confident people have trust and faith in their abilities. [end topic and context][argument]This essay will argue that self-confidence develops through a complex interaction between a range of factors. [end argument][what will be covered] Firstly, self-confidence will be defined, followed by an analysis of the interaction between the various factors that affect the confidence of an individual. In particular these are personality style, situational factors/life experiences, self-efficacy and self-esteem.[end what will be covered]

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