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Reflective writing


What is reflective writing?

Reflective writing requires that you think deeply and write about a learning experience. This involves writing about:

  1. What happened (positive and negative).
  2. Why it happened, what it means, how successful it was.
  3. What you (personally) learned from the experience.


How to reflect

Describe = Choose one part of the learning experience and write about what happened.  Analyse = explain what the learning experience means. Evaluate = show how successful the learning experience was. This leads to... Self Knowledge



It took a lot of time at each meeting to decide what we needed to do that day and what we needed to do for the next meeting.


It is possible that the different approaches reflect the different experience and backgrounds of team members.


The major benefit of working in a team for me was that it facilitated learning and enhanced my understanding of the project.

Self awareness

Reflecting on the team experience has helped me to develop a better understanding my own strengths and weaknesses in a team.

Integration of theory

Khan (2011) describes conflict resolution as an integral part of the team experience.