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Complete the following quizzes to test your understanding of the basic concepts of Business Law.

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Question 1: In relation to the distribution of law-making powers between the various parliaments in Australia, residual powers refer to those powers which are held by the State.

Question 2: The wording of the Commonwealth Constitution can only be altered through the process of a referendum.

Question 3: The doctrine of a precedent requires that the lower courts in a hierachy follow the decisions of higher courts at different hierarchies.

Question 4: The Upper House of the Federal Parliament is referred to as the Legislative Council.

Question 5: The Victorian Court of Appeal hears appeals that come directly from the Magistrates' Court.

Question 6: A major feature of the Adversary System of trial is the investigative role of the judge in criminal cases tried in the County and Supreme Courts.

Question 7: If Brian, a teacher, fails to demonstrate a duty of care to his students this could be considered action which, may be sued upon.

Question 8: A criminal dispute is best described as one between individuals who sue each other for a damages pay out.

Question 9: Conciliation is a process, which may be used to resolve a dispute with the assistance of a third party before seeking a remedy from a court.

Question 10: If there is any conflict between statute and case law, case law will prevail.