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Linking between paragraphs give coherence to the essay by showing:

  • the argument and each of the topic sentences
  • the flow of idea from one paragraph to the next.

Sample essay outline

Notice how each paragraph links back to the main argument and between each other? The linking words and phrases (in bold) show the flow of the argument.

Topic: Do teams in organisations need leaders?



This paper argues that to state that teams in organisations needs leaders is too simplistic: there are leadership variables that need to be taken into account and there are other elements that are more important than a leader.


Paragraph 1

Definitions and background

Paragraph 2: Topic Sentence

The main contribution of a team leader is that they promote productivity.

Paragraph 3: Topic Sentence

However, leaders in teams can have many functions.

Paragraph 4: Topic Sentence

In fact, leaders can be irrelevant as member independence means there is less need for a leader.

Paragraph 5: Topic Sentence

Therefore, the importance of a team leader is less significant than other leadership variables.


In conclusion, the importance of a team leader is complex.