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Assessment is a learning tool.  Assessment provides students with the opportunity to explore ideas and demonstrate their learning and understanding of concepts.

By teaching students how to analyse a task, the style of language needed to respond appropriately, and by providing them with models demonstrating what is required, students are better equipped to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding.

These resources suggest a variety of strategies and activities to integrate language into the curriculum so that these skills can be explicitly taught.

Tip sheets

Teach the task: Integrating language into course assessment (PDF 603KB)

Students need to be explicitly taught how to think critically, conduct research, write in an appropriate style and develop the language style of the discipline. One way to do this that gains immediate attention and produces much better assignment responses is to ‘teach the task’. This resource provides an 8-step guide of the areas student need to be aware of as they develop the skills required.

Online tutorial

Using rubrics

This tutorial guides RMIT teaching staff in using academic communication rubrics to give practical advice to students on their academic and English language skills.

Feedback on assessment tasks

This tutorial provides a rationale for why it is important to give academic and communications skills feedback on assessment tasks. It outlines 3 practical strategies for integrating these skills into feedback.

Students at risk checklist
This check list can be used with a student’s written assignment to indicate where there are problems and what the causes might be. It links to resources for the student and the teacher to help address the learning needs.