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Academic integrity


Students feel challenged by the concept of plagiarism, how and when to paraphrase or use in-text referencing and the fact that they will lose marks if they do it incorrectly.

As one international student says:

That is not much stressed in our country, and we believe that if you quote somebody who has already done the work and even if we repeat that person's words, we are actually honouring that person ... it was an idea which I struggled with for some some time ... we can't seem to understand why we have to reference each and every sentence.

Make time in class to talk about plagiarism and how to avoid it. Be explicit about the style of referencing you require in the course guide and on blackboard. Highlight your own use of referencing in your lectures. Direct students to the Study and Learning Centre, the Learning Lab and the Library for support.

Understanding Referencing

Referencing (Tutorial)

Feedback (Tutorial)

Referencing basics (PPT 2.18MB)
(Short PPT that can be adapted to teacher's specific referencing requirements)

Allow students to submit drafts to Turnitin to evaluate their paraphrasing.

Using Turnitin